Tutorial Call USA – Theresa Case (29th September 2017)

On today’s call, we were delighted to welcome some of our newest Evolutionaries, including Carmen, Sheryl, Dorla, Katrina, Patty, Allison, and Christine.

Conversation and coaching topics included:

* Tips for transitioning to all-inclusive pricing (Thanks, Melissa!)

* Switching over to automated payments via credit or debit card only

* Analyzing retention (So important to “know your numbers” as a studio owner, and this is a critical one!)

* Looking to fix the process or the training when a team member doesn’t meet expectations (A big leadership shift to make!)

* Shifting from convincing to letting your program speak for itself (Think progression, pricing, differentiation, and education)

Lots of input and ideas and sharing from everyone — LOVE it!!! Plus I’m super thrilled that so many Evolutionaries have submitted – or are very close to submitting – their Diamond Plans!

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