Tutorial Call AUS – Theresa Case (29th September 2017)

This call was the epitome of how this beautiful supports and engages with each other! I was able to fill in for Alexandra and so enjoyed the incredible level of connection, care, and support everyone on the call gave.

In the replay, members will enjoy some great conversations and celebrations about topics including:

* the freedom you gain by turning over day-to-day operations
* what makes a workshop successful and how to use the high emotion and momentum at the end of the workshop to your reenrollment advantage
* asking and evaluating everything with this question: “Is this the SIMPLEST way?” (Thanks, Dawn Miller!)
* eliminating distractions and improving productivity by working in sprints and alerting your staff not to disturb you (as in the elegantly designed “Do not disturb” headband designed by our own Cathy Clur!)

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