Tutorial Call AUS – Rebecca Perry (27 April 2018)

Highlights included:
* Reflections on Clifton Strengths results – journaling really enhances this task.
* A celebration of a big numbers goal which is SO CLOSE!
* Inspiration via setting boundaries and being firm. ‘Not every student is a dream student’ and that we don’t have to offer everything, it’s better to offer less but with brilliance.
* Mother’s Day ideas
* FB ads – better in short bursts or via constant taps not eh shoulder?
* Creating a plan to speak seriously about a student’s behaviour to a parent.
* The 5 Love Languages

BRAVO to Bethany Hayes Smith for having a big dream and then taking the steps to achieve it. Most recently, having to change the boundaries in her studio so that her goals can be achieved has been challenging but it is now paying off in the most incredible way. Amazing Bethany!

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