Tutorial Call AUS- Alexandra Cownie (30th June 2017)

In this call we covered:
– How to map out the life of the next 12 months of your studio with detailed live-testimony from Amanda
+ tips on how to track and constantly refine the overall systems in place
– The power of planning using Trello prior to a long break or major change at your studio (physical move, etc.)
– How to prioritise the set-up of a new system (i.e. JackRabbit)
– Marketing: discussion around the timeframe required to check how well FB ads are performing, and the power of constantly running ads that convert for your studio
– The how to’s of adding assistant teachers (under 18) to your classes, what to pay/reward them with, and touch base on professional teacher training.
– What to do when we feel overwhelmed with too many big projects on the go!

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