Tutorial Call AUS – Alexandra Cownie (22 December 2017)

Today we covered:

Final #WHFY call were very powerful and inspiring. If you missed out, make sure to catch the replay.
In this WHFY call we played a little game of putting our “leader” hat on and advising someone keen to start a studio on the ONE most important thing to consider or do, here’s the answers we got from everyone:

– Systemise everything
– Planning! Sit down and break everything down to create your dream studio (systems, teachers, look & feel, everything!)
– Business mentorship
– Be firm in your T&C’s!
– Get a mentor that knows business & law before you start
– Learn as a teacher in someone else’s studio (a successful one) and ask questions on everything is done.
– Don’t try to do everything yourself, find someone who does it smarter, better, better than you and hire them!
– Don’t rush, take your time. Dig deep before you start.
– Planning & Systems. Stay 2 steps ahead of parents and kids questions.
– Have self-awareness. Surround yourself with people who know more than you do.
– Don’t treat yourself as a dance school (often thought of as charity in people’s minds!) but as a business. Learn to detach emotionally enough to be able to function professionally.

THEN we asked “WHO do you need to be to create your dream studio in 2018?” Here are the answers:
– A generous leader.
– Generous and kind but standing my ground.
– A compassionate generous leader.
– Someone firm with my knowledge, leading with my values.
– Be a hard-ass!
– A visionary leader and educator who is trusting.
– Someone who cares about getting things right. Someone giving, a true leader that cares about results and that is kind.
– Someone who trusts my team 100% to handle the tasks at hand to the highest standard.
– A leader that asks for held and delegates.
– A transformational leader that leads with generosity and elevates others.
– Someone with boundaries and professionalism. While still happy and caring.
– Someone brave, self-reliant and smart with the confidence that it will all work out.

BRAVO to Katja, Deborah, Kerrie, Monique, Sharon, Tanya, Leanne, Peta, Ziggy, Linda, Andrea & Katrina for showing up, for being open, vulnerable while still generous in your attitude and attention today. I know how tough it can be to let yourself be that open and I am so proud and grateful for all you give to this community and yourself in the process. You guys are amazing.

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