Leadership. Leverage. Legacy.

Welcome to Studio Elevate!

Congratulations – you are now officially a member of the elite group of exceptional studio owners, Studio Elevate.


By now, your studio is operating with a strong foundational baseline.  Now, we seek mastery.  We aim to pursue excellence, innovation and sophistication in every touchpoint of your business.  We will actively explore routes for expansion, all whilst giving you more time for both professional development and personal joy.


At this level, we seek to extend both your leadership and legacy by opening up a whole new world of possibilities that lie within your business to make an impact.


As you surround yourself with a peer group that includes some of the finest entrepreneurs in the studio industry, your own leadership will reach new heights as you come to embrace the inner workings of highly successful studio businesses.  You will learn new ways of scaling your studio, explore new revenue streams and refine your current offerings.


With enhanced opportunities for high level masterminding, strategic conversation and personalised mentoring from Chantelle and Team Expansion, in Studio Elevate, your results will soar.


As a member of this elite, intimate group of trail blazing studio owners and industry leaders, we know your studio and your own potential will flourish.


Expect to be stretched, challenged and inspired like never before.  Let’s play BIG.


We cannot wait to see what this next level of your business looks like.


To Your Success,
Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield

Elevate Inclusions

Elevate Triads


In addition to your joining the weekly Evolution calls, you are invited to participate in exclusive Triad Calls with your Elevate members. The purpose of your Elevate Triad call is to give you a monthly opportunity to experience high level conversation, connect with your peers and gain instant inspiration from your fellow Elevate members.


Michelle will connect with you to gain your availability for Triad calls and once scheduled will ensure you are sent reminders on your upcoming Elevate Triad call. All information including the structure and guide to your Elevate Triad calls can be downloaded below:


Click Here to download the Elevate Triad Outline PDF


In addition, please watch this video that details the structure and intention for your Triad calls prior to your first Triad meeting.

Half Day Intensives with Chantelle & Elevate Members


As an Elevate member, you are invited to attend a private Elevate half day intensive with Chantelle and your fellow Elevate members prior to our Evolution retreat.  Your next half day intensive will take place as follows:


AUS Members – Thursday 19th October 2017 from 10am  – 2pm (includes working lunch)
Sydney Vibe, Rushcutters Bay
101 Bayswater Road Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011


USA Members – Thursday 20th September 2017 from 10am  – 2pm (includes working lunch)
Tempe Misson Palms
60 East Fifth Street, Tempe, Phoenix, Arizona  85281, United States

Quarterly 1:1 Strategy Calls with our Mentors


Quarterly 1:1 Strategy calls are a precious opportunity to gain advanced guidance and strategy on the direction of your studio.  Come prepared with a particular topic you wish to focus on and get ready to be inspired with a surge of clarity!  Michelle will email you towards the end of each quarter to schedule in your 1:1 catch up with a Team Expansion Mentor.


Studio Virtual Assistant


As a Studio Elevate member, you receive a renewed 10 hours of Virtual Assistance for you to allocate to your business.  Simply liaise with Michelle as to which projects you would like our VA to jump on for you!


Special Breakout Sessions


We know that your time together with your Elevate peers is precious.  The depth of conversation, the juicy strategy, the camaraderie – this is the time you crave!  We are proud to be able to offer you a private breakout session during Masterclass to give you enhanced connection and collaboration with your Elevate peers.  You will be informed of when this breakout will be taking place during your 1/2 day intensive with Chantelle prior to the Evolution Retreat.  We know you’ll love it!


Full privileges of Evolution Membership


As an Elevate member, you retain all of the privileges of Studio Evolution membership, including attendance on all weekly trainings and live retreats.

“To live your passion and ignite passion in others is the greatest legacy you can leave.” 

Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield



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