Studio Expansion Program March 2019

Week Module Release Date
Week 1 Module 1 – Vision: Design Your Dream with Chantelle Bruinsma 3 March US / 4 March AU
Week 2 Module 2 – Connect: Enrol Your Dream Student with Theresa Case 10 March US / 11 March AU
Week 3 Module 3 – Stand Out: Be the Unicorn with Chantelle Bruinsma 17 March US / 18 March AU
Week 4 ACTION WEEK! With Theresa Case 24 March US / 25 March AU
Week 5 Module 4 – Enrol: Enrollment on Autopilot with Rebecca Perry 31 March US / 1 April AU
Week 6 Module 5 – Systemise: Save Time & Systemise with Chantelle Bruinsma 7 April US/ 8 April AU
Week 7 Module 6 – Automate: From Nurtured to Enrolled with Theresa Case 13 April US / 14 April AU
Week 8 ACTION WEEK! With Rebecca Perry 21 April US / 22nd April AU
Week 9 Module 7 – Wow: Exceed Their Expectations with Rebecca Perry 28 April US / 29 April AU
Week 10 Module 8 – Unite: Reward & Retain with Chantelle Bruinsma 5 May US / 6 May AU

Live Calls

Our Live Q&A calls are held every Monday Morning (Aus/NZ) or Sunday Evening (USA/Canada). Please post your questions in the Facebook Group 24 hours before the call. Below you will find a PDF with an overview of the times to join the live calls, due to daylight savings changes around the world. To find what time the calls are on in your specific location, use World Time Buddy.

SEP 2019 Training Calendar

Join Chantelle and the team for 12 months of learning, implementation and community support. We’ve got your back long after the 10 weeks are finished. With Lifetime Membership, you’ll continue your professional development with the SEP throughout the year. Here is an overview of what you can get excited about!

2019 SEP Training Calendar

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