Tutorial Call USA – Dawn Miller (27 July 2018)

Highlights from our #Evolution call were:
* Open Houses – creative ways to have success even when you have limited space * Other ways (besides an Open House) to have a “start of year event” when most of your classes are pre-registered or full
* Re-inventing Staff Trainings (and as a diamond project!)
* Including our current staff on Induction Email sequences
* Gauging the rsvp numbers for events based on Facebook interest
* Educating our staff and families on the switch over to All-Inclusive Tuition* Finding the single words that “pop-out” in your studio values
* Giving ourselves a break and allowing ourselves to feel down or frustrated and that positive thoughts are key to get us through those times
* Taking time for ourselves to refuel during this busy part of year
* Fun with Trello – Testing Trello’s functions, assigning tasks & getting the staff on board
*** Lots of celebrations – increasing Summer Students, Full Classes, First Paychecks, First Admins, knocking out Diamond Plan Projects and a successful switch over to All Inclusive!

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