Tutorial Call AUS – Rebecca Perry (14 September 2018)

Highlights included:

* A discussion on Diamond Plan submissions. Using Michelle’s video to spread the process across the week.
* How we work on what is ‘Necessary’ first to find what is ‘Possible’ and how this sometimes leads to what we originally thought was ‘Impossible.’
* How to firmly keep hold of the reins when negotiating services for the studio.
* The success of a ‘real-life ballerina’ video shoot.
* A win! Being asked to choreograph a music video!
* All-Inclusive pricing. How it’s best to build up to it, starting with consolidating programs within the studio before tackling a new fee structure.

Bravo to EVERYONE who is working so hard to bring their Diamond Plans home within the next few weeks. The team is here for you, let’s do this!

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