Marketing Makeover Call – 1st November 2017

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– That messaging that is student/child centric not focused on the stdio will be much more effective in reaching customers.
– Having a clear focus and one focus at that of what one wants the ad to do.achieve, will step you in the right direction.
– Be as elaborate and emotive in your language as you can!
– Less detail, more love!
– Considerations for design elements.
– Building brand consistency across all platforms, including ads to website
– Getting playful with Call to Actions
– Not blending in – standing out.

Materials included: Facebook images and copy, Print materials and Landing Pages.

Evolutionaries featured in this call include: Dawn Rosa Miller, Natalie Pritchard, Pauline Hincks,Rishell O’Brien, Daniela Bommer Amso, Flynn Cross, Jill Bitner Copenhaver, Ziggy Clements,Dorla Pryce Aparicio, Amanda Roche and Cathy Blur

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