Marketing Makeover Call – 16th November 2017

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– How softening the language works sometimes, just as equally as powerful language.
– Explicit Call To Actions (CTA) – tell them what to do and how to do it.
– The inclusion of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and specifying dates where a wonderful offer will shift is wonderful – swipe this!
– Design elements for consideration to make an ad pop both in terms of copy, formatting and image considerations.
– How telling a story and painting the picture is everything in marketing.
– The importance of specific page links, as opposed to including the home page link/reference in advertisements

Materials included: Facebook/Insta images and copy, Print materials – posters/flyers & CD stickers, Enrolment Invites, Concert Invites and Videos .

Evolutionaries featured in this call include: Terrie Wayside, Pauline Hincks, Monique Feain,Catherine Fennell, Debra Poole, Shimi Nadaraja-Ambrose, Dawn Rosa Miller, Sarah Grace,Kathleen Chiu and Kerrie Power Drabik

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