Marketing Makeover Call – 15 February 2017″

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– Creating Branding Consistency across a variety of marketing mediums.
– The importance of having an attention grabbing Call to Action on every piece of marketing that is created.
– Consistency in design elements within the one ad/for a whole campaign to create cohesiveness and recognition.
– The use of emotive and affirmative language. No pensive ‘If’s’ to be included – Assume they will!
– The formatting of copy to give the messaging greater impact.
– Be the solution. All marketing should offer a solution to what the consumer wants. Spell it out to them and sell it to them.
– Images and testimonials can speak a thousand words and help to greatly support the claims you are making.

Materials included: Flyers/Ads for newsletters and magazines, Thank you letters, Social Media Images, Invites to an event and an In house Advertisement.

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