Marketing Makeover Call – 12 December 2017

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:
– How less is more particularly with certain marketing materials/platform to ensure it captures attention.
– Being specific of the age group that you are targeting.
– Dependent on the material – sometimes more words work better. Yes, I know!! There are times to be quite conversational in marketing….
– Being yourself and ensuring that the language is you is THE most important thing in authority positioning and in the promotion of your business and the incredible experience in Performing Arts education that is being offered. Fake fluff is not right, far from it. It’s about examining how the powerful & possibly playful emotive words can elevate the educational experience that you are promoting even more so. That’s the sweet icing.

Materials included: Posters, Facebook, Christmas Cards & Website Copy.
Evolutionaries featured in this call include: Dawn Rosa Miller, Katrina Wyckoff, Kerrie Power Drabik and Cathy Blur.

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