How to Submit Your Diamond Plan

In this training I will walk you through how through to submit your Diamond Plan and also our next Pillar Reveal. This is a training which all Evolution Members must watch.

Diamond Plan Submission Google Form Tips

* To upload your Diamond Plan Google Form Submission you must have a Google/Gmail Account.
* You will be prompted to login to your Gmail Account or create one.
* Ensure you have all of your information and attachments on hand to submit.
* We encourage you to submit 1 project first and submit so you can get the edit responses email and link (as seen in video) and then go back in and add more as you wish.
* Try ensure files you are uploading are not too big (reduce files of images in png or jpg format and if converted PDF’s make sure they are in compressed or black and white format). Resources for compressing below:

Compress images in Mac:

Compress images in PC:

Compress PDF documents in Mac:

Compress PDF documents in PC:

* We recommend to not leave your computer halfway through your submission as the Google Form may not save and if you refresh your data may be lost (you have to press submit in order to save your data).
* After submitting you will instantly receive an email with the link to edit your responses and a copy of your submission. Save this email as this allows you to submit more projects and make changes. Then you can submit your other projects.
* You can edit and add to your submission forms as many time as you want during the open Diamond Plan submission period.

We hope you found this information helpful and remember we are here to support you!

ALL our best,
Team Expansion


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