Gem Tutorial Call US – Theresa Case (12th January 2018)

Today we covered:
This was a great New Year kick-off call based on Chantelle’s “3 Mantras” blog. Those who were on the call are more ready than ever to head into 2018 with all of the possibility and potential that the New Year can hold as we continue to reflect on Seeking SIMPLICITY, Embracing EXCELLENCE, and Learning into LEADERSHIP as Chantelle challenged us in that amazing post.
So many of our Evo’s on the calls today had some real shifts during our call. You are totally refocused and reenergized for the new year. I am thrilled for them and can’t wait to watch you – and your studios – absolutely SOAR this year!
Sheryl Guerrero, Jennifer Alvarado, Julie Reeves, Jill Copenhaver, Katrina Wyckoff, Amanda Albin, Carol Stringham, Allison Gaither, Christine O’Donnell, Patty Etherton

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