Enrolment Ease Team Retreat Training

Here you’ll find a Done-For-You team training retreat that you can use with your team to enhance their skills in enrolling new students.  This is a precious opportunity to have Chantelle train your team directly.  With printer ready worksheets and a slide deck for your reference, all you have to do is invite your team to a training and ask them to bring the following props:
1 x soft toy (preferably a cat)
1 x mirror
1 x apple
1 x banana
Allow approximately 90 minutes to 2 hours for this practical hands on workshop.  Your team will be walked through the CMO model as well as given opportunities to reflect on how to personalise it to your studio and apply it in a role play scenario.
Bring your passion as you encourage your team to become stronger, smoother and more confident with each practice of the CMO model.  It would be a good idea to watch the video in full prior to delivering this training so that you are fully prepared and ready to go.  And don’t forget to report back to your Studio Evolution group with how your retreat went!

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