Admin & Email Management Training – Michelle Hunter (14th August 2017)

Recap on today’s Admin Management Training. Ways to keep email management for yourself and team under control:

*Clear out spam or promotional emails
* “Two-Minute Rule” – if the email will take less than two minutes to read and reply to, then take care of it right now, even if it’s not a high priority.
* Use category folders if that helps and archive finished emails
*Use of multiple inboxes to ensure your inbox is not clogged and easy delegation to admin team
*Create email rules on only subscribe to failed payment notifications
* Try work off one synced calender
* Screenshot of what my email smash morning and night looks like
* Moving strategy and big project emails over to Trello under a email or daily list which you will watch and work through daily
* Using text expander for emails, payment emails, phone numbers, client updates and staff details
* Do an email smash recording every week so Admin know how to reply to emails they are stuck on (common issue when they are settling into a role). You can use Zoom or your own screen recording or better yet by phone!

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