9 Pillars of the Studio -Strongest & Weakest

This session we went through the following 9 pillars which make up the Whole Package of your studio


1. Financial Flow

  • Smoothly receiving money from our clients.
  • Price positioning
  • Profitability
  • Potential impact on retention

2. Retention Intention

  • The Graduation Point – how long we intend to retain our students for.
  • Campfire

3. Vision & Values Experience

  • What we stand for.  What experience are we devoted to giving our students.
  • Moments of Sparkle that inspire students
  • Embracing and living the values on every touchpoint.

4. Team Dynamic

  • Unite a team around a common vision.
  • Implementing that vision with consistency and heart.
  • Help every team member to feel cherished.

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5. Nurture Systems

  • Warming enquiries to the point where they effortlessly enrol.
  • Automation and simplicity.

6. Marketing Connection

  • Making an impact through marketing.  How we show up, our presence in the market.
  • Unicorn factor.
  • Consistency

7. Educational Curriculum

  • Quality of learning and teaching.
  • Intention at the heart of every moment.
  • Progression of learning for engagement.

8. Professionalism

  • Communication, heart, efficiency, impact, speed.
  • How to do better.

9. Leadership
Planning, thinking, creating, innovating, redefining, leading, empowering, motivating, strategising.

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