Tutorial Call USA – Theresa Case (9th June, 2017)

– The absolute necessity of an effective inquiry process and training our team on executing that process
– How stepping in to other roles in your studio can give you fresh insight about your processes and greater empathy for your team
– The value of planning out and mapping out in your calendar (diary) exactly when you will work on your projects, tasks, and Diamond Project facets (setting dates, blocking out time, and spreading out the parts of big projects and Diamond Projects over several weeks)
– The importance of pacing and setting realistic deadlines for yourself when working on projects, and then also accepting the curves life throws you and adjusting instead of resenting
– Infusing your values everywhere into your studio, but especially at the recitals where you can really emphasize the value (This was a good reminder to keep talking values every chance we get!)
– Reminding ourselves of the really incredible and beautiful difference we are making in the world as performing arts studio owners (Ask Lisa Bibeau why she got glitter bombed at her recitals this past weekend – so touching!)

Turbo-Charging Customer Satisfaction and Referrals After the Enrollment – I demonstrated how I had will be adding some “turbo charging” into my automated emails for newly enrolled students. I will share my document in the FB group.

Diamond Project assessment – Each person rated their DP progress on a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being “very well on track.” The ratings they gave themselves was insightful and gave us some things to talk about.

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