Tutorial Call AUS – Theresa Case (6th October 2017)

What a full and fabulous #WHFY call we had together today! Some great topics of discussion, some fantastic wins we celebrated, and a little O-A-D-E exercise too.
In the replay, you’ll be inspired to:

* Create your own list of 5 things on your plate right now that you can Outsource, Automate, Delegate, or Eliminate.
* Target your own list of people via Facebook (Thanks, Melissa, for your follow up post on that today in our group!)
* Get to know and speak to your team more effectively through love language and personality test tools
* Think about how you would introduce and transition a studio manager with your team
* Understand more what it means to better train and delegate a new studio manager or admin team member (Parameters and expectations – thanks, Ann!)
* Keep digging deep to find the courage and confidence to make the hard decisions that will move your business forward

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