Scheduling your social media – Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is one of the many online social media programs available on the market. Team Expansion love Meet Edgar as it can constantly reuse your social media posts. This is great when you are strapped for time to update your social media schedule. It will continue to ensure your online social profiles are active.


You can request an invitation to join by clicking here.


The video below is a great introduction and overview of Meet Edgar and it’s capabilites.


To provide our VA team with access to your Meet Egdar account, you will need to share your details with us via Lastpass. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the Lastpass training page.


It will be important for you to let us know what new categories you want set up and what times and frequency during the week you would like this posted.


Ideally we would set your posts up once we have designed them for you in Canva.

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