Marketing Makeover Call – 29 August 2018

It’s Marketing Makeover REVAMP WEEK! It was fabulous to have members submit marketing materials they have used for some time for new inspiration.
Today we covered:
– Keeping text to a minimum on a Facebook post image for maximum impact
– Often catchy, emotive headlines trump your studio name as the top billing
– Crafting text for an open house as a warm invitation
– Gaining inspiration and templates from others means you don’t need to start from scratch
– Allowing your studio ‘voice’ and personality to shine through any copy your write
– Highlighted or BOLD information stands out
– Be bold; a challenge for a newspaper ad
– Be specific with your call to action. What is it exactly that you want them to do?
– Can I advertise all my programs in one flyer? Usually not successfully – being specific often works better
Materials included: Social Media Post, Email to Families, Newspaper Ad and Flyer
Evolutionaries featured in this call: Rishell O’Brien, Kerrie Power, Laura Lewis & Emma Cholcroft

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