Marketing Makeover Call – 22 February 2017

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– Branding Awareness and it’s importance.
– Grabbing their attention and making it clear WHO the Program is targeting.
– Fear of Missing Out and playful Call To Actions.
– The use of personal and emotive language. Paint the Picture.
– Shift from Less Us to More What’s In It For Them
– How little tweaks in design elements can make marketing pop!
– Less is More in details
– What really works!
– Be the solution to a customer’s Pain Point . All marketing should offer a solution to what the consumer wants.
– Selecting images/videos that match what is being promoted and giving clear insight into the experience.

Materials included: Banners, Social Media Images, In house flyers, Facebook Videos, Flyer for Email Campaign, and Websites.

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