Marketing Makeover Call – 23rd August 2017

Thank you Trish Denzel for another great Marketing Makeover. In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– How simple phrases can be oh so powerful and really resonate with prospective customers.
– Taking verbage even further to heighten the descriptions of programs.
– Own it and then sell it. The magic of key words.
– Promoting the Program rather than the Teacher.
– Sometimes it’s the smallest of tweaks to language that uplifts copy. Join the dots.
– How tedious B & W copy can be truly made to work positively for families and the studio and become an experience & retention tool from Day 1.
– Looking to the essence of what a video holds, who it speaks to and who it impacts and letting that drive the marketing copy.

Materials included: Facebook Ads, Parent Handbook and Video footage.

Evolutionaries featured in this call include: Dawn Rosa Miller, Cathy Marcus Huser, Anne-maree Molloy and Daniela Bommer Amso

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