Marketing Makeover Call – 13th September 2017

Thank you Trish Denzel for another wonderful Marketing Makeover. In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– Powerful and strong words – be the authority in your messaging.
– Marketing 1 thing is the way to go.
– Keep all messaging – copy and images consistent and conveying the same story.
– The importance of consistency across the board from marketing to the website. Best method to build brand consistency and also create a sense of familiarity for customers.
– When promoting the whole studio, look to how emotive words and phrases can be used to explain that journey. This assists in making the marketing make sense and heightens the consumer’s ability to connect.
– Consideration of the essential content and how best to use the design space for it.

Materials included: Copy for Website and Landing Page, Monthly Parenting Publication Ad, Social Media Promo, Print Media Ads.

Evolutionaries featured in this call include:Amanda Roche, Ann Davison, Marnie Nelson-Petch and Fiona Donaldson

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