Marketing Makeover – 5 April 2017

In today’s Marketing Makeover we covered:

– Maximising readability through careful choice of font and ensuring that the primary purpose of the ad is highlighted as key.
– The importance of walking people through things step by step, establish expectations.
– Less is More in Design – the best designs tend to be ones with a clean look.
– How emotive language and being definitive in promoting what is being delivered, enhances all forms of copy.
– How Call to Actions are integral in all forms of marketing…the more specific and emotive – the better.
– Place the core focus on the customer.
– Spelling out what service/who is being targeted. Make it as easy as possible for potential customers to know your service is for them/their child.
– Take every opportunity available when it comes to formatting in design.

Materials included: Magazine & Newspaper Ads, Autoresponders – Enquiries Series, Business Cards, Copy for Facebook Ads, Facebooks Ads/Boosted Posts, Website pages and Newsletters.

Evolutionaries featured in this call include: Ann Davisonm Bethany Hayes Smith, Dawn Rosa Miller, Elena Lambrinos, Amanda Roche, Debra Poole and Kathleen Chiu

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