How to Hire Your Dream Team: Part I by Chantelle (12th June 2017)

This is one of Chantelle’s best trainings as she offers a complete guide on How to Hire your Dream Team. This training gives you everything you need to know in a whole new insight on how to bring on new team members and especially with the intention that the team members that we bringing on, completely reflect your values.


In this training Chantelle covers:

– How to work out what you need from the person, from the right role through to preparing for the  interview.
– Biggest mistakes Chantelle has made, time and time again and how to shift from desperate to deliberate.
– Outcome based job descriptions and how they going to change the way you look at your team.
– How to structure your application process as well as the job description to self-filter candidates.
– Where to advertise for a new team member.

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