Google Adwords training Presented by Robyn Koldej (5th March 2018)

These were covered today:

* Tips on outsourcing: If your budget is under $200 per month try setting up yourself and give it a go. If your budget is over $1k per month certainly get an Ad agency to help you do this.
* A 20 minute Google Lesson – how Ads work.
* Obtaining a Search Term Report.
* Mobile speed and desktop testing.
* Keywords.
* Facebook Ads Vs. Google Adwords.
* For those who have never used Google Adwords go to AdWords Express and you can get started with
a very basic campaign and key words in your studio 5km radius. This link will take you through a step by step set up
If you would like to contact Robyn and look into contracting an agency for this work please feel free to check out Robyn’s agency at and her direct email is:

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