Facebook Ad Setup and Optimisation – Louise Griffith (13 Feb, 2017)

Workflow recommend during training by Louise:
So as we went through on the call here is the workflow I recommend:
1. Install your pixel on your website AND any external pages you have like booking pages. Some booking systems make it hard to do this but just tell them you need ‘a tracking code installed’.
2. Download pixel helper and make sure your pixels are working. You need to refresh the page after you install this to make sure it works and it only works on chrome browser
3. Upload your list as a Audience
4. Setup your website visitors as an audience
5. Setup lookalikes for both (or just list for now if you just installed your pixel as the website one will take time to build)
6. Setup custom conversions for all key actions you want people to take from ads. Such as trial confirmation pages
7. You are good to go. You can now setup your ads in either ads manager or power editor.

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