Facebook Ad Performance Tracking & Reporting Management – Chantelle Bruinsma Duffield (18th August 2017)

This is a SNEAK PEEK behind the scenes of how we manage and track Facebook ad performance here at Studio Expansion.
With up to 180 various ad set variations running at one time, there is a lot of complexity to keep up with!
Learn our simple, easy reporting structure that makes it clear which of our ads are performing best so that we can make more educated decisions in the future.
In this short training, you will learn:
– What type of reporting to ask for if you are using a FB ad manager
– The variety of post combinations to explore for best results
– How to explore different targeting to achieve the best bang for your buck
– What to expect when working with a FB ad manager and how to prepare your expectations.
– When to know when to take the leap and bring on a FB ads manager

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