Evolution Tutorial Call USA – Theresa Case (29th June 2018)

Highlights included:
Fantastic calls today for #EvolutionMastery and #Evolution members today!

Highlights from the #EvolutionMaster call were the result of a 1-on-1 chat with the beautiful Bethany Hayes Smith. We discussed how she was implementing her vision for her new Legacy Dream studio, and then the gorgeous gold… getting an up-close-and-personal look at her Teacher Communication boards. Y’all… these are an inspiration!!

Highlights from the #Evolution call included:
* What Cindy Thompson did to increase her enrollment by 40% from last year
* Implementing all-inclusive pricing that also includes eliminating discounts and adding in a price increase — with encouragement from Bonnie Buck Dixon and Allison Gaither (Deborah Laws, are you still breathing?! <3 Keep us posted!)
* Tips for a successful interview process with thanks to Amanda Albin and Allison Gaither for sharing their experience and ideas!
* The advantages of having a staff “uniform”
* Plus some fabulous WINS from this week!

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