Evolution Spotlight Training, Creating an Enriching Curriculum – Trish Denzel & Elena Lambrinos (26th February 2018)

On this call Elena will be be generously sharing with you how she created an enriching curriculum along with her in depth understanding of intentionally leading with curriculum, to work beautifully hand in hand with the ARTS quadrant in order to establish and run a successful studio.

Here are some of the topics we’ll dive into:

*Elena’s philosophy on Education in the Performing Arts, specifically Dance.
*What drives her curriculum and how she went about developing it as it stands today. The process in mapping it out and the actual format of the curriculum for her teaching team.
*What Elena’s curriculum looked like prior to the clear vision and refinement. It is possible to make the leap!
*The importance of the exploration and integration of values and outcomes into curriculum.
*How Elena made her curriculum work for her business and model.
*Attraction starts with the program and experience – what shifts Elena has seen in enrolment since implementing and also promoting her core curriculum more so to the community.
*How Elena intentionally built retention into her curriculum.
*The role Elena’s team played in the development & refinement of the curriculum and how she leads and inspires her team to be invested and connected in relation to the education of the students and through the curriculum.
*With such a core focus, how this allowed Elena to streamline systems.
*What Elena sees as the main blocks studio owners face in creating an enriching and cohesive curriculum and the guidance to overcome those barriers and innovate their curriculum.

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