Evolution Spotlight Call with Kathy Morrison & Trish Denzel ‘Leading & Engaging Your Team’ (29th January 2018)

When we think of Studio Owners in Evolution that lead their Team impeccably, inspiring their Team with the vision and values of the studio, our Studio Elevate member, Kathy Morrison without a doubt springs to mind. Kathy is the QUEEN of doing this, leading and collaborating with her Team from a point of professionalism, intent and heart.

In this training join Trish and Kathy as they dive into this critical area of leading and engaging your Team.

I know that many of you find leading your Team a little tricky at times, especially getting them on the “right” page. This is understandable.

This is your opportunity to discover how Kathy goes about developing and sustaining a team culture in line with the studio vision and values, which in turn leads to delivering an exceptional experience at every touch point.

Here are some of the topics we dived into:

* Kathy’s philosophy on WHY it is so important for a business owner to have a clear grasp on Vision and Values.
* Kathy’s values and how she decided on them.
* How Kathy uses her vision and values as the guiding essence to inspire and engage her team? The top 3 things
Kathy has implemented that has had the greatest impact.
* How Kathy plans her day to day communication with her Team around her values.
* Since using values to lead her Team, what shifts Kathy has seen in them as individuals and as a Team, along with the positive impact on the studio experience.
* How has this experience made Kathy’s role easier and more manageable.
* How has having a values based focus allowed Kathy to bring on and train your dream team in regards to teachers, administrators and other significant roles.
* Kathy’s secret tips to hiring the right person? What she encourages studio owners to be doing as part of their process to make it an incredible experience and outcome.
* Kathy will share the hesitations she feels studio owners may have when it comes to leading and engaging their teams.
* The level of input & involvement in any decision making processes that Kathy’s Team have, in relation to living and breathing the values of the studio.

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