Evolution Essentials – Zapier Automation Training with Michelle Hunter (12th March 2018)

In this session we went through Zapier Automation Training to make your admin workload lighter and more efficient. To recap we went through:

* An introduction to Zapier
* Free Vs Paid Accounts
* Connecting your accounts within Zapier
* Searching Apps you will use
* Steps to making a enquiry automation work
* Live Link of new Trello Card to Google Sheet
* Live Link of Google Sheet to Autoresponders in MailChimp
* Live Link of Optin to your Autoresponders in MailChimp back to your Google Sheet
*Trail and Error of finding your Zap
*Contacting Customer Support if you can not find your Zap
* Keeping your Zaps simple
* Not outsourcing this task to a VA
* Duplicating tasks for doing the same process

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