Enrolment Mindset & Practical Applications (Alexandra Cownie – 7th August 2017)

In this training we will dive into the topic of the Psychology of Signing up. Alexandra dives into:


  • What do parents want?
  • The Parent’s Enrolment Mindset – What makes a parent say “yes” or “more”?
  • Where to read more about it?
  • Five Concepts Overview:
    1.        Right positioning is the key: “I like what I see.”
    2.       Mirror neurons: “I’ll have what they have.”
    3.       Power of brand attachment: “I love my studio.”
    4.       Subliminal messages: “I don’t know why but everything here talks to me and feels right.”
    5.       Sell to the senses: “I like what I see, hear, smell and experience.”

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