Elevate Mentoring Call AUS – Rebecca Perry and Theresa Case (20 July 2018)

Clarifying your ONE BIG THING

Today we covered:
– The 6 lies between you and success
– ‘The magic happens at the extremes.’ How to stretch your studio-based projects to the extreme whilst keeping your home life flourishing. The discussion veered from ‘work-life balance’ to ‘work-life BALANCING.’
– Pareto’s principle of unequal distribution; what studio tasks do we do that constitute 20% of effort for 80% reward. How can we capitalise on these types of tasks?
– Clarifying our ONE BIG THING whether it be lifestyle based, financial or growth.
– Using the domino strategy to work towards this goal.

The visual of the domino strategy really clarified the steps required to reach success; one step and a time while keeping a focussed eye on the end point.
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