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Here is your first studio Instagram challenge, should you choose to accept it. PART ONE: Today I would like you to introduce yourself, or a team member to your following on Instagram. At Studio Expansion we had a #meetteamexpansion series a few months ago to get to know the wonderful team a little better. Connecting with your students and their families on a personal level is so important. Being able to put a face to a name and showcase your incredible team will only make your Instagram following feel a greater connection to you and your studio.

So with that in mind. Post an image of yourself or choose a member of your team and then have fun with personalising the following caption: “Get to know team ( studio name ) Introducing ( name ): ( position at studio ) My real passion is ( name your passion ) and there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing students ( enter your aim ). My friends would describe me as ( adjective ) and ( adjective ). When I’m not in the studio you will most likely find me ( activity ) or ( activity ). My guilty pleasure is ( guilty pleasure ), but don’t tell anyone! I would love to get to know all my students and their families more. Leave a comment below to let me know your guilty pleasure. #studioname #studiolocation #studioinstachallenge ”



— Follow 3 new Instagram Pages you admire.
— Comment on 3 Instagram Posts (maybe your fellow #studioinstachallenge rs)

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After you have completed your Day 1 move onto the next mini training video.

1st MINI TRAINING: Defining your Instagram “why”

After you have completed your Day 1 Challenge feel free to watch the video below:

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