3 Ways to Bring in Studio Leads with Social Media – Victoria Gibson (12th February 2018)

In today’s session Victoria shared 3 free strategies with our members on how to get studio leads using social media. In this session Victoria covers:
  • Using Facebook Live – keep consistent with these, if you stop.after 2 weeks you will not get results the key here is consistency.
  • How to do more organic content on Instagram.
  • How to inject your personality into your stories.
  • How to feature stories on Instagram.
  • How stories get more traction and how Instagram are rewarding this method as they want eliminate snap chat.
  • How to start a Facebook Group – not just to your current students.
  • Create a community and duplicate your email list.
  • Difference from page a and group.
  • Recommendations to make it a closed group not a private one.
  • Main way to get engagement.
  • Giving away free information as an opt in on your website.

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